ALT (Artist Loyalty Team)


The “ALT” serves as the first line of defense in delivery a “WOW” experience to our Artists. The “ALT” stands for Artist Loyalty Team. They’re the ones working day in and day out with our Artist weather be on Compilations, Showcases, Music Publishing, Merchandising. They serve as mentors to our Artists, Ambassadors of our culture and the true rock stars of 520.


Process Guide

Serves as the mentors and coaches to the ALT. Each “PG” is assigned a district and their main focus is to aid and equip the ALT and our Artists. The ALT will directly communicate with their designated “PG” in all involvements of the lives our Artists. 


Process Assistant

A PA responsibility is to serve the PG’s with their day-to-day activities. Each PA will have a heavier workload as they will serve the PG’s and strategize with lower and upper team members on all activities and events that are happening in their region. The PA’s are the gatekeepers for the future of our culture. 


Gate keepers

Gate Keepers responsibility is to serve the team leader for each division of 520. They’re required to work closely with the PA’s, PG’s and ALT for their division of 520. They will be responsible for the growth of their division, community outreach and most importantly creating a culture within their division that goes with our behalf that we serve our team members first. 


The Shark Week Team

The Sharks are responsible for creating and coordinating an unforgettable experience for our team and artists. They will be strategizing on how we can continue to create and own the best company culture within the music industry, while changing the music industry forever! 


The Glorified Assistants

In most companies this would be considered “upper management”, but we know that the bigger the job title, the bigger responsibility. Our “GA’s”, will serve all divisions of our team in an open door policy and transparency. Realizing that our first job is to aid our amazing team in changing the music industry forever. We do not believe in a hierarchy mindset where those with fancier jobs tithe are more important. Each GA is required to master each department and work in those departments every 3-6 months. Each GA will work in the same conditions as our team members (No corner offices... how about no offices period!) when the ALT is overwhelmed with a heavy workload the GA’s will be the first ones to step in and help with the worload. The GA’s know that they can never ask or expect a team member to do a task that they haven’t already mastered themselves.